Posted by: Megan | 12/09/2011

In which I suddenly desire spandex

I have a reason for missing last week. What? I really do! See, I’ve been spending the last while looking like this:

Here cooomes the Crimson Chin!

Just without the spandex costume (which I now regret missing out on).

The sad part is I’m only exaggerating a little. I’ve developed some kind of mouth infection that I’ve had once before and never expected to get again, but this time it was much worse. It got so bad that my chin, lower mouth and cheeks started to swell up, and at its worst it even went into my neck. My mom got pretty worried — and so did I — so I ended up going to the hospital to get it checked out since my GP’s office wasn’t open until the next day. The doctor there was rather perplexed and suggested I see my dentist to get an X-ray, but before I left he very kindly instructed a nurse to stab me with a knife.

And by that I mean inject a litre of poison into my flesh as brutally as possible.

And by that I really mean give me a needle with a lot of antibiotic fluid into my hip. I’ve never had a needle there before and all I can say is ow.

I take good care of my teeth so it’s a bit baffling, though I know I grind my teeth in my sleep and I hear that’s bad for the gums. Regardless, I’ll be off to the dentist after Christmas to stop this from happening again. The antibiotic medication (a prescription of pills, thank god) I’ve been taking has done wonders and I’m almost all better. I feel more normal and not like I’ve got a watermelon lodged in my chin, and for that I’m thankful. Everyone else is most likely also thankful they can once again understand me when I speak. Though now that she’s certain I’m not going to die my mom is happily making jokes about how I’ve had a face and a half for the last week. Thanks, Mom. Love you too.

On another topic, yes, I won NaNoWriMo! Whoooo! And three days early, which turned out to be the best thing I could’ve done since my infection started pretty much the day after I won. It hurt so bad for the first few days I could barely focus on mindless video games, much less write. I finished off at 50,404 words and a heck of a lot of novel left to write. I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from writing for the next couple weeks and then I’ll have to sort out my projects. I’m sitting on two unfinished novels after this November and I don’t want them to rot at the bottom of a pile that will inevitably grow and overwhelm me with its incompleteness, and I also want to finally start on serious revision of my first novel. I can’t wait to mold it into a polished state that I can be proud of. It’s my baby.

So, how are the holidays going for everyone? I finished up my Christmas mail and have it all sent on its way, which is a relief. Now I just need to make some simple presents for people close to me and wait for mail to arrive for them and myself. I’m hoping beyond all hope that the sand I’ve ordered for my mom will show up in time! I really love Christmas and getting gifts for everyone makes me so happy, especially when I know they’ll love them.

It looks like my Mijumaru plush won’t get here in time for Christmas and that’s a bit saddening, but I still have my Wii, which arrived on December 1st. I can’t believe how much fun it is, and I can’t stop playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s easily one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. It’s just so wonderful, and beautiful, and incredible. It’s gorgeous and the cutscenes have this intensely epic feeling to them that’s so strong it wells up inside me and it’s hard to sit still, to the point where I sometimes want to cry. (I get really into games and things.) Part of me really hopes the game will never, ever come to an end. I know once I start feeling like the last stretch of it is getting close it’s going to be hard to get myself to continue the story. It’s just so wonderful! I’ve got a lot of history with Zelda games, and if it weren’t for them and my brother I wouldn’t be as into gaming as I am now, so this game really means a lot to me. I just wish my brother lived closer so I could share the experience with him. He’d love it as much as I do. Mario Kart is also tons of fun and laughs with other people, and Super Mario Galaxy is just incredible. When people say it’s a great game, they aren’t lying. It’s as beautiful as Skyward Sword and gives me that fun feeling all classic Mario games do. And Kirby’s Epic Yarn? Two words: Epically cute. Oh god. I can barely handle it. I love Kirby.

Get it for the hilarious item descriptions (and awesome frogs!) if nothing else.

I’m pretty much out of pointless things to ramble about now, so I will sign off with this last little thing. I found this candy by Meiji in the grocery store the last time I went. Surprised, since our stores never have anything even remotely foreign, and also drawn in by its promises of suspiciously Pocky-esque goodness, I got some. To my delight, the biscuit sticks are complete with Engrish sayings printed on them. Here’s my favourite:


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