Posted by: Megan | 11/26/2011

I didn’t forget! Hah!

…Or, well, I did — but then I remembered! So hah anyway! How is everyone out there? Alive? Not dead? No Black Friday casualties? Good, I’m glad.

I’m finally used to my glasses now, although I still feel like Geordi La Forge when I put them on for the first time that day, and my nose tingles a bit sometimes. And drinking hot beverages is an unexpected challenge, what with the fog effect and all.

Too bad he looks so much more stylish than me.

I also have to make sure I don’t make too many sudden movements or I lose my balance, but at least now I more or less have proper depth perception. Sometimes they make me feel a little claustrophobic, though. Anyone else ever had that? It just sort of feels like I can’t see properly at points, because of light reflections and whatnot. I’m sure I just need to adjust a little bit more.

So, Christmas is just around the corner! Oh, I see you wincing. I’m sorry I had to bring it up. I was pretty stressed about it before but now I’m really excited, since I’ve more or less got all my gifts figured out and the presents for my international friends are almost ready to be mailed off. For once in my life I actually might, maybe, just maybe, have gifts completely ready earlier than the night before the holiday! I’m quite proud of myself. Now I’m mostly waiting on mail since the majority of things were ordered online. I can’t say what I’ve bought/made for most people I’m gifting since they might see this, but I can say what I have planned for my mom. See, she collects sand from around the world and puts it in nice little jars and decorative containers. I realized there are people from all over the world on the Pokémon Collectors community, so I asked them for sand and they have obliged! My mom’s gonna flip. I plan to put the sand in baggies and label them with where they’re from, then arrange them in a box and draw a postcard-esque card to rest on top. I can’t wait to see her reaction.

I’m also pretty stoked for my own Christmas gifts, haha. I do miss not knowing what exactly I’ll get, but for the gifts that I am getting this year I needed to know in order to plan it properly, and I’m okay with that. The Boyfriend is being absolutely ridiculous and bought me a Wii with Mario Kart, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Super Mario Galaxy. It’s been ordered and should ship this week. I’m really excited, especially for Kirby and Skyward Sword. I <333 Kirby and that game looks adorable beyond belief, and Skyward Sword… let's just say I won't be leaving my room for a while. The last home console I got was a GameCube, so this is pretty awesome. I've wanted a Wii for years.

From my mom I'm getting this:

It took ages for me to figure out where and how to get him for the best price, but with the help of a member of Pokémon Collectors he’s on his way. While The Boyfriend is allowing (and encouraging) my playing with the Wii before Christmas, I won’t get to see my darling Miju until Christmas Day. It’s gonna be so worth it. Actually, the Wii was ordered last Friday and expected to be here by this Friday that just passed, but due to some stock issues it won’t be shipped until next week. I was upset at first — because, holy crap, a freaking Wii — but just yesterday I realized the true disaster that would have befallen me if it had shown up before I finished NaNo. Now I bless this stock issue.

What present are you most excited to give (or receive!) this Christmas? Or what are you hoping to receive, if you don’t know? I need to dig out the Christmas music soon…

45,515 words (and not even at the halfway point. I’m beginning to think all fantasy books, by nature, are just plain LONG)


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