Posted by: Megan | 09/13/2011

Catching Up & Birthday!

Third time participant, third time winner. The feeling never gets old. After the exhilarating rush of entering my 50,249 words and basking in the heartwarming winner’s page, I cried. I love writing. I love NaNoWriMo. So much.

So yeah, here I am, late to the party again! There’s just been so much going on with me lately and I’ve been trying to use my spare time to work on finishing my Camp novel. Sorry, guys! To make up for it, here’s a rather lengthy post with picture spam! (Though this could also be a bad thing…)

I have a few topics to cover here, but I’m going to go in non-chronological order and start with my birthday! \o/ In summary: I had two birthdays and they were awesome.

On my actual birthday, the 26th of August, I got to go to a lakeside cabin my brother was staying at for the week. I swam in pretty water…

…and had tasty food (my first time eating freshly caught fish; for a self-proclaimed country girl I’m rather sheltered)…

…and got bit by bugs (no photo necessary), and saw the resident otter. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a picture of the otter because he disappeared for the rest of the day when he saw me coming toward him with a camera. But I also saw a bear, and I got a picture of that!

It was my second time seeing a wild bear, and it never gets old, especially considering this time I was actually outside of a moving vehicle and saw it lumbering around doing its thing. Bears are just gorgeous. Seeing that really made my day extra awesome.

When I got home I spent some time winding down from the long day, and I spent some time with the present my mom got me!

That’s right. You’re totes jealous of my giant shiny Politoed. <3 My mom paid for him to be commissioned from a custom Pokémon plush artist. I love that she even put a bow on him. Isn't he gorgeous? I still haven't settled on a name for him, but I'm leaning towards "Sweets." He's got the biggest, most cutest feets ever. I love wiggling his bubbly toes.

A few days later I had my "second birthday," which was scheduled for The Boyfriend's day off since he had to work while I swam in a lake (ohoho). My aunt came over and we had cake and I opened the rest of my goodies, which were all Pokémon, because I'm awesome.

That’s right. Look at those cuties. Stare at that Stunky and tell me it isn’t super adorable. I dare you. And my Chubbysaur! I’m so glad I got the Applause Bulbasaur plush. It’s sooo cute, and so fat, haha. I love him. <3 I've been really active on the Pokémon Collectors LiveJournal community these days, so all of them were purchased from community members (by The Boyfriend, except for Shiny Bigtoed!). A couple of them were sweethearts and added notes in the packages. :D I’ve really wanted that Stunky plush for a while now and I love him to pieces. He’s really, really adorable. I recently made him a pair of glasses out of pipe cleaners and have named him Shakespeare. He’s an awesome literature-loving Pokeskunk.

My aunt also got me this amazing baby. My first flat screen monitor (or whatever you call it). I’ve actually been pining for one of these for a long time now, and especially since I got a new TV that is MASSIVE and takes up a lot of my desk space. Having this really gives me a lot more room! My mom called me out to see it and I was totally speechless. My aunt said, “Happy birthday and congratulations on winning!” and I just about burst into tears. It really feels nice to have people acknowledging that NaNoWriMo isn’t a silly, pointless thing. I like stickers on my monitors, and unfortunately this one doesn’t have much room around the screen for them, but I managed to squeeze some on there from my old monitor. The bow on top of it is also from my old monitor, which was also a birthday present. I love the bow. XD

As for the rest of the day, I spent it all with The Boyfriend. We played games and watched Eclipse just for the lulz. I love watching the Twilight movies with him because he’s so hilarious throughout them all. He hates them, of course, but he thinks very highly of Charlie’s cool factor and narrates his thoughts and speech every time he’s in a scene with a deep, gravelly voice. With this movie we both got more into that, and he branched out to narrate other characters as well when things were too boring, and I joined in this time. By the time the movie was over I really had no idea what happened overall because we spent too much time laughing and using silly voices to say ridiculous things. It was a really fun day. I’m also proud to say I ate absolutely nothing but pizza and cake the entire day. I do not regret a thing. ;Db

Since it’s kind of related, I’d like to take this moment to show you the Politoed plush that I made for myself a few months back!

She’s certainly not as polished as Sweets, but I think she came out really nice, aside from her funny feet. (I couldn’t figure out how to do them… I didn’t realize until very recently that I needed to use another panel to create the bottom of the feet, sigh.) Regardless, I think she’s pretty and special. Her name is Minty, named so after her minty green colouration. :3

Hey, since we’re here, let’s look at this nice picture of some books:

Whoa… wait a sec. There’s something strange about one of those books. I wonder what it is?

Wow! Would you look at that! It’s my book! Silly me. ;D Hehe. I realized I haven’t had a chance to show off this beauty yet. I had Circumstance printed just before the CreateSpace deadline. I had a ton of fun working with the covers and ended up needing some votes on which picture to use since I had two great choices, but in the end this one won out. I really love it. Seeing your story in print, even if it’s not officially published, is still a really great feeling.

On one of the first pages I had to include the cover Cardon Webb designed for the book back in November, because, come on — I got picked for 30 Covers 30 Days and a real cover designer DESIGNED ME A COVER! (No, I will never get over this. ;o;) Camp NaNoWriMo didn’t get sponsored by CreateSpace, which is okay, but it means I don’t get a free proof copy of my Camp novel. (I’d call it by name but I keep changing it, pff.) I’m going to end up buying a proof copy anyway, though, since it doesn’t cost that much and hey, why not? And yes, my nails are cool.

Speaking of cool nails…

YEAH. I KNOW THAT LOOKS FREAKIN’ COOL. BE JEALOUS. 8DDD I discovered this technique a couple days ago called water marbling and I’ve been addicted. I did a somewhat messy test run the day I found out about it, but I cleaned that off and did a proper attempt with better colours today. It looks like it should be really difficult, but it’s actually very easy, just a little time-consuming. For any interested, this YouTube video taught me how to do it. It’s really mindblowing to watch! The results are just amazing.

And with that, dear readers, I am finally done this post. You may cheer now. I’ll try to come back again soon. XD Thanks for reading, and I hope there wasn’t too much picture spam for you!


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