Posted by: Megan | 08/22/2011

A return from the dead

Hi. o/ Remember me?

Long time no post. Again. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. A lot of things have come up recently — real life, personal drama, plus plain and simple forgetfulness, to name a few — but nobody really wants to hear more of my usual excuses. I will, however, tell you the primary cause of my absence, for it is relevant to this blog post.

Camp NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo? In the summer? Oohh! Aahh!

Cool, right? Any fellow WriMos understand my disappearance now. (Or… not.) I know it’s a really belated mention of the event, considering it’s already the 22nd and it ends on the 31st, but hey, I’ve been busy participating.

While I have done something for both months it’s run (July and August), I knew from personal experience that two months in a row of such highly intensive writing would be too exhausting. Maybe not impossible, but certainly incredibly difficult. With more practice — and more ideas — I could probably do it and still have what sanity anyone who participates in NaNoWriMo has remain intact, but right now it would be more than I can take on. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to miss out on the very first Camp NaNoWriMo! So I took the suggestion The Boyfriend gave me: cut the words in half and write an easy story in July to warm up with. Perfect. I set my goal to a loose 25k, and began work on an old fanfiction I abandoned about five years ago.

I finished off the month with a little over 20k and three and a half chapters of pretty decent writing. The experience taught me a lot, like editing while simultaneously trying to meet a word count in a short time frame is hard, and once you unleash your inner editor it’s hard to shove him/her back into their chained box! It was kind of fun to go over my writing and edit it purely for punctuation and word fluidity again, though. I had to do that because I was posting the chapters up on the Internet as I went along. It felt good to go back to a kind of “easier” writing that I haven’t touched in years, but it also really showed me how much I’ve changed and grown. Comparing the chapters that I had to rewrite to what the story originally looked like in 2006 was really great for my self-esteem, in a couple of different ways. For one, it made me feel good about my improvements, but for another, it made me realize that all of my old writing isn’t as vomit-worthy as I kept telling myself. I actually kept a surprising amount of text from the first chapter (second, if you count the prologue) because it was written well enough in my eyes. That kind of thing makes me feel good because one of my worries has always been, what do you do after your book’s published and you go back to read it a few years later and think it’s total garbage? You are always growing and learning as a writer, which is what made me worry about how I would feel about any published stories years after their publication date, but now I see that if you’re happy with your writing once, that doesn’t go away. Some passages will probably irk you, but just like an artist who draws, you’re probably going to be the only one who sees that line that should be a little thicker or that word that should be substituted for another one. You are your own greatest critic, after all.

Another great thing about it was getting feedback for my story. Everyone who goes into writing should post something online at some point. There’s no greater motivator than receiving positive reviews. Especially if you get a consistent reviewer or two, people who keep coming back for more. Everyone needs that boost at some point, and it’s so amazing to look back on when you’re in a rut.

For August I’ve gone all out, following the usual November NaNo rules: 50,000 words in — well, 31 days, rather than 30. Lots of people have been blessing that extra day, and I’m amongst them. My story this month is one I’ve had for about three or four years now, a guilty pleasure novel that’s full of werewolves and boys kissing other boys. It’s been very fun, even though I’ve been behind all month. Unexpectedly, Taynin has become one of my favourite characters I’ve ever created. He’s just so much fun to write, possibly due to the fact that he’s a bit of a spaz. You can see the story synopsis, as well as my profile and my ongoing stats here.

I miss blogging. I’ve got a lot to say yet, but I should probably leave that to another entry. I need to get caught up on 4,000 words! See you next time. :D

P.S. For anyone who’s had trouble with my formatting tutorial in the post below this one, I intend to rewrite it a bit and make it a lot more user friendly soon. I just need to get through with Camp NaNo first.

P.P.S. It’s my birthday on Friday! Woo!



  1. Happy Birthday Meggy, I’m happy you’re updating! I was getting worried. Took me awhile to muster the courage to comment here instead of just lurking about, but here I am! I’m so happy you’re getting the positive feedback you deserve and you’ve always had the knack for finding the prettiest names to name your characters :)

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